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As of July 2001, Spiderplant is suspending operations. We regret that we can't accept any new orders. We will attempt to provide assistance and support for our existing customers as time allows. For this reason, we are leaving some of the web pages up - sorry if this has caused you confusion.

Since its inception 5 years ago, we have been running Spiderplant in our spare time. This has been a great learning experience, and we have really enjoyed working with all our customers, putting Hot Little Therms to uses we hadn't imagined. Unfortunately, we are just getting too busy with other things, and something has to lose out. We are currently exploring the possibility of selling the business, in which case therms may be back, but we can't promise anything.

Spiderplant was founded in 1996 in Knoxville, Tennessee, with the goal of providing high quality, easy-to-use hardware and software for computerized environmental monitoring. We are currently based in Waltham, Mass., USA.

Our products include Hot Little Therm, an expandable digital thermometer that connects to the RS-232 serial port of any computer, allowing temperatures to be read automatically, and over the network.

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